Men’s Clothing

Tisseur offers a wide variety of internally renowned labels, which change with the season and according to current trends. Contact us to find out more.

Hugo Boss

Tisseur offers a wide variety of HUGO BOSS clothing, including the BOSS, BOSS Green and BOSS Orange collections. The distinctive and impeccably tailored BOSS line features garments with contemporary cuts and made from often exclusive fabrics, with remarkable attention to detail. The BOSS line of elegant “modern classics” is perfect for business, pleasure, and important events. The BOSS Green collection of quality sports clothes is designed with active and fashion-conscious men in mind. The urban feel of the BOSS Orange collection is perfectly suited to the cosmopolitan, urban lifestyle. The focus of BOSS Orange is on modern cuts and exceptional quality fabrics that combine to create a fresh look in a selection of bright, seasonal colours.

Jack Victor

Jack Victor has been a leading North American designer of men’s ready-to-wear fashions since it was first founded in 1913. Today, this family-run business is led by Alan Victor, President and CEO, who follows in the footsteps of his father, Herschel, and his grandfather, Jack. Since its foundation, the company has embodied the core values of Jack Victor, the man—excelling at the design of top-quality products and providing unparalleled customer service, offering customers unparalleled elegance and value, and adhering to the highest standards of integrity.


The brand STONES stands for likeable men’s fashion with a feel-good character.Fashion with competence and high value. Fashion creating confidence.Pretentious design, sophisticated details and innovationunderlign the multifaceted men’s collection. Stones is a perfect cross-dressing of business and casualwear emphasizes the dress code and offers suitable clothing for each time of day and each occasion. STONES is a permanent companion throughout the day, fulfilling the expectations of its wearer.

  • Robert Graham
  • Scotch Soda
  • BRAX
  • 7 Downie Street
  • Ethnic Blue
  • Bugatti
  • 34 Heritage
  • Matinique
  • Elite Serica
  • Casa Moda
  • Fellows
  • Michael Kors
  • Blu’s
  • Jack Victor
  • Calvin Klein
  • Jim
  • Boss
  • John Varvatos
  • Eden Park
  • Massana
  • Luhta
  • A Fish Named Fred
  • Club of Gents
  • Cabano
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